Fetish of the Month – Stocking, Nylon and Feet

From thick thighs to slender toes, it’s safe to say that legs and feet have really captured the hearts and the libidos of people across the world. Stockings are an ode to beauty and when you look at the rich history they have, you’ll soon see that it’s no surprise that the stocking fetish is so common. Even the smell of them is enough to drive a lot of men absolutely wild.

What’s a Stocking Fetish?

When you look at fetishes and kinks, you will soon see that stocking fetishes are actually very common. Lingerie and stockings are some of the best ways for you to add some passion to the bedroom and because they are so common, people are now trying to find different ways to honour this kink. Fetishes, when you break them down are really diverse. The more you read about them, the sooner you will see that no two are ever the same. For a lot of people, a stocking fetish can be broken down into three categories. You have watching, touching or worshipping someone when they are wearing stockings, being the one who wears the stockings, or smelling the well-worn stockings of someone else. If you love to see your partner in stockings, then you are very much in luck, as it is very easy to indulge in this kind of passion play behind closed doors. For other people, they only like it in a dom or sub-dynamic. Either way, it doesn’t even matter if you have a partner or not because it is now easier than ever for you to get your fetish fulfilled by watching porn online.

Stockings Aren’t Just Sexy to Look At

Some people get a thrill from just being able to wear stockings in the first place. They get turned on by how smooth the fabric feels and how it glides over their thighs and calves. They are also ensconced at how they feel in the fabric and how tight it is. Even if the appeal isn’t directly sexual, some find that wearing stockings helps them to feel much more powerful. It gives them the chance to feel present within their body and the way that they look is so divine that this helps to put a real frisky spring in their step.

Everything under the Tights

Tights themselves can easily be more than enough to make some people start salivating. It’s standard to workshop feet in stockings, and it’s a very typical kink. A lot of people who have a foot fetish often get a rush from having their feet touched or giving attention to other people’s feet. So why do people often get foot fetishes? The answer is very simple. Sometimes the wires between the toes and genitals get crossed over and the two different sensations are very close to each other in the brain. This little mix-up can make you feel as though you are getting lucky, which is why a lot of people are almost able to orgasm simply by getting their toes sucked. A lot of celebrities have even spoken about how down they are when it comes to foot play. The pleasure certainly doesn’t stop there though. Some people love the idea of worshipping feet. It just turns them on to suck toes and a lot of people find that they become intoxicated by the smell as well. Sometimes the smell of the eroticism is so powerful and strong that lovers may end up lusting after a pair of used tights that have been slipped off after a long day at work. They may also love to press their face into their partner’s shoe, as it gives them such a rush.

So, foot fetishes are really on the up right now and as time goes on, it is being showcased more and more in porn too. If you know that your partner is not really into foot fetishes, then it is very easy for you to find good porn online. When you do explore porn, you will soon see that it is easy to get the fix you are looking for, as there are plenty of people out there who love nothing more than sucking on toes or slowly taking off stockings. The possibilities are endless, and the fact that this fetish is growing just goes to show how widely accepted it is becoming. Some of the top foot fetish porn stars include Anna Bell Peaks, Kimmy Granger, Cameron Canada, and Sara Luvv. You’ll want to check them out if you have a foot fetish.