Panda Fuck Teens Like Nobody Else Does

Posted by Rick Diculous | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-11-2011

panda fuck image

Panda bear to the fucking rescue! Yes, I mean that literally, believe it or not. This happy-go-lucky Panda will bang teens everyday of his adult life, always using his big fake rubber cock of course, which teen sluts love nonetheless since it gives them practically guaranteed orgasms. Every time it goes in their snatches, these whores grab on to this animal’s big furry crotch and ask for more. You have never seen a Panda Fuck like this before (not even on the Discovery Chanel), so sit back and get ready for something new. You can imagine I never expected to find something as bizarre as this when I came to ML Porn. But hey, if it works, then why not? Teens seem to love it!